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Seneca College: Certificate in 3D Animation & Compositing : May 2002 - May 2003
Digital Media Studios: Interactive Multimedia Design & Production: November 94 - March 95
University of Toronto: Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics: Completed, May 1985
Funny Farm Films Combustion 3.0 Rotoscoping and tracking for "Starslyderz"
Topanga, California A Sci-Fi Independent Feature with comedic FX
August 2004  
AXYZ Edit Inc. Inferno 5.5 Rotoscoping, Keying, and shot-preparation for
425 Adelaide St. W an Accenture commercial featuring Tiger Woods.
June 2004  
Imarion (Gravity Productions) Maya 5.0 Animation, Particles,Modeling for Discovery Channel
67 Portland Street, Toronto Documentary by Simcha Jacobovici.
Jan 2004- Mar2004  
Rocket Science(ex-Gajdecki) Digital Fusion 4.01 Compositing for a stop-motion music video.
822 Richmond St. W, Toronto (story written by Brad Peyton).
September 2003- Nov 2003  
Crawford Products Maya 5.0 Technical Director, 3D Modeler, and Animator for
409 S Park Ave, Montebello, CA instructional video of woodworking products.
Nov2003- May2004  
Immersion Studios 3D Environments in Shockwave and 3Dmax & Flash 5.0
285 Manitoba Drive, Toronto used for interactive tutorials & demonstrations in museums.
October 2001- May2002  
Nelvana Limited Director 8.0 Lingo and Flash 5.0 Scripting of a two series children's
32 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto CD-ROM "Franklin The Turtle". Distributed in U.S by Knowledge
April 2000 - November 2000 Adventure
Flame 8.5, Combustion 3.0 Compositing Reel and 3D Reel Seneca College
Maya 6.0 , Digital Fusion 4.01 At http://www.lowenberg.com/visualfx/ Humber College
Director 8.5, 3D Studio Max 6.0 Customizable Sales Presentation, Speaker Infinite Media
Dreamweaver MX, Boujou 2.1 Support and Hardware Troubleshooting. www.infiniteweb.net
Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS Design and Production of an Interactive Cd Digital Media Studios
After Effects 6.5, Premiere 6.5 on a Mac 7100/66 and RadiusVision Digitizer.